Kilometre charges from 01/04/2016

01 January 2016

The ViaPass for heavy goods vehicles of more than 3.5 tons will come into force on 01 April 2016.


The ViaPass project starts on 01 April 2016 at 00:00 hours.


All goods vehicles of more than 3.5 tons Maximum Permissible Weight (MPW)    (so not passenger transport)

What should one do in order to comply with the regulations?

From 01 April 2016, you must have a properly working On Board Unit (OBU) in your vehicle and this must always be switched on. An OBU is a small device that records how many kilometres you have driven on toll roads in Belgium; it sends this calculation to an invoicing centre which sends invoices at regular intervals.

It is a detailed invoice accurate to one euro cent for all driven kilometres down to the last metre; they can be sent monthly or every 14 days, depending on your selected payment method.

Anyone who fails to pay or commits fraud, will be identified by detection equipment on the toll roads. Offenders can be given a penalty, or be caught by an inspection team and will generally have to make immediate settlement.

How does one obtain an On Board Unit?

On Board Units are obtainable from the Kilometre Charge service providers. At the moment that is just one firm, namely Satellic. There are two ways of requesting an OBU:

Via the website, here one or more OBUs can be ordered.

Through 128 distribution points spread throughout Belgium. A map showing the exact locations can be found on the website or via this link

What does an OBU cost?

The use of an OBU is free of charge. A deposit of EUR 135 must be paid to obtain the device. If it is returned without damage, this amount will be integrally repaid into your bank account.

Cost price?

Toll road tariffs have been set by the regional governments.

The tariffs have been calculated using three parameters:

  • The Maximum Permissible Weight: the kilometre charge is applicable to goods vehicles with a MPW of more than 3.5 tons. If the towing vehicle is more than 3.5 MPW, the maximum MPW must be applied (including trailer if towing device is fitted).
  • The Euro emission standard: this is the emission standard that defines the degree of pollution.
  • The type of toll road: all roads in Belgium are toll roads. Most of them have a 0-tariff. The rest have a ViaPass tariff other than zero.


There is only a limited number of vehicle categories that are exempted from kilometre charge:

Army, civil defence, fire and medical emergency service vehicles, tractors and specific vehicles that are exclusively used for agriculture, horticulture, forestry or fishing.   

Application for exemption

The owner of a vehicle of more than 3.5 tons that falls into one of the exemption categories, must apply with the region where the vehicle is registered. A request is made by completing a form and supplying photographs of the front and the side of the vehicle.  To do this, go to your region's website. You can find the forms on